About Us

1003 Hwy 173
Graceville, FL 32440
Open 10 AM - 4:30 PM, 7 Days a Week

Please call (850) 863-7833 to schedule a visit.

Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends is a 501c3 corporation that was founded as a "no kill" shelter (Federal Tax ID Number: 20-0567829) in 2004. Our mission is to stop the need for euthanization by educating the public that spaying/neutering will stop the need for animal control to the point that there will only be "wanted" pups in the world. Also, our mission includes finding loving homes with responsible people who will genuinely love their pet but understands that these dogs and pups depends on the human race for protection, shelter and most importantly love. We are in search for responsible adoptive owners who will provide all preventative medicines available for their pet as prescribed by the veterinarian, medical check ups and medical care which will allow them to live long healthy lives. We require that any adopted dog or pup from RUFF shelter be given monthly heartworm preventative from a vet, flea and tick preventatives from a vet, vaccinations by a vet and to be given on time. We require room for the dog or pup to safely run and play in a secure fenced area while at the same time providing our adopted dog or pup as much love and respect as humanly possible. Our mission is to show these dogs and pups that they have a purpose on Earth.

Our organization is not affiliated with any other organization that may use the RUFF acronym. We are solely based in Graceville, FL.